To be used with the Quartz Timer V2

The Q:Expander creates an easy way to extend you Quartz Timer V2 and allow for much quicker and easier control of your pedalboard.

The Quartz Timer V2 can accept up to 6 extra footswitches, therefore you will be able to plug in up to 3 Q:Expander pedals in to your Quartz.
Just like the on-board footswitch, these footswitches can be completely customised to your liking. Each footswitch has a function that can be activated when tapping, and another that activates when holding for 1 second.

Quartz V2 + 0 Q:Expander = 2 assignable functions
Quartz V2 + 1 Q:Expander = 6 assignable functions
Quartz V2 + 2 Q:Expander = 9 assignable functions
Quartz V2 + 3 Q:Expander = 14 assignable functions

We are adding functions all the time, but currently there are the following available:
TAP TEMPO – Consecutive taps will set a new tempo.
NEXT PRESET – This will take you to the next preset in the setlist.
PREV PRESET – Will take you to the previous preset in the setlist
TGL CLK IN – Toggle whether the Quartz ignores or receives incoming MIDI Clock.
TGL AUDIO IN – Toggle whether the Quartz ignores or receives an incoming audio metronome.
TGL REPEAT – Starts or stops the custom repeating MIDI message. A message sent every quarter note.
TGL CLK OUT – Starts or stops the sending of MIDI Clock.
TGL AUX – Starts or stops the sending of tap signals from the 4 Aux outputs.
TGL ALL TIME – Starts or stops the sending of tempo data from MIDI Clock, the 4 Aux outputs, and the repeating MIDI
message, all at once.

Each function can also be used to send a list of custom Midi messages. These messages can be used to set any parameter that your Midi capable devices allow. This means that you could set your Q:Expander to only bank up and down on a specific pedal and not affect anything else, for example. You could even send Note data to play a Midi Note if you like. The combinations are endless.

Additionally each footswitch can also take you to a specific Quartz preset. This allows you to have favourite presets set and always available, for example.

Before purchasing this product please make sure that your Quartz is compatible with this unit: Check

Please see Quartz Timer V2 user manual below for more information.

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