the Feather Drive has squeezed my go-to Overdrive off my board. It stacks like no other pedal I’ve tried and its versatility blows my mind. This thing is front and centre at every showJoel Dowling - Matt Corby
When we were in the studio for our new album the Scarlett Love became such a big part of my tone that it basically is the sound of the album. It gives your cleans more sparkle, the crunch tones more snarl, and you can crank it all the way up and never lose note definition or punch. What else could you want in an overdrive?Steven Dolezal - Deep Diver
the Feather Drive has almost instantly become a core part of my tone. The question is never to have it on or off, but of how I will set it up today. With so many tone options on offer, my swirly-painted box of goodness delivers subtle grit right through to liquid smooth leads that almost play themselves. Every guitar I own sounds better with a Selah Effects Feather Drive in the chain. It’s my new tonal security blanketChris Brooks - Instrumental solo artist, clinician
The Feather Drive is an amazing pedal that can be used for so many different genres and in the studio or on stage. We're using it with our guitars to give them a bit more bite to get through the mix and with our keyboards to give our Rhodes more warmth and depth. Such a versatile pedal that will be well usedLeon Dumper - Omega Levine
I knew the feather drive had a permanent spot on my board the moment I got my hands on it. I can dial it in for a dirtied clean tone or bump it up to higher gain levels and it sounds amazing every step of the way. Not to mention it looks downright awesomeMatt Dolezal - Deep Diver